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SysAIO - Products - AvAIO


The reservations system provides a tool for staff or call center to enter reservations for flights that are set for sale within the flight schedule. The system allows the user to book and cancel as well as amend bookings, track memos view booking history access customer relations section.

SysAIO will build you a state of the art public facing website that can offer the simplest to very complex online sales processes to your customers. Selling flight tickets along with all the upside flight extras such as extra baggage seat locations and many more specialized revenue generating options. As well you are able to add many offer products such as Accommodations, car rentals, travel insurance to name but a few.

Call Centers
SysAIO provides a reservations system that works over a global multi call center environment, from making sales inquiries to making bookings to administrating changes and specialized customer requests. The system enables call center staff to view customer inquiries online providing assistance when required.