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SysAIO - Products - AvAIO

Ground Operations

Airport Info
Airport Info contains specific contact information with regard to management of the ground operations at specific airports the airline operates to.

Passenger Handling

Check In
The check in system allows the user to open the check in process, assign seating, answer security questioning, check baggage and issue boarding pass ending with closing the check in process.

The gate check allows the user to open the gate boarding process and do a final security check and close the gate for final boarding.

Post Check In
The post check in system allows the user to add no-shows and go shows for a flight in order to complete a total onboard count of passengers. Also the system allows the user to correct information for a departure point allowing the arrival station to be alerted prior to flight arriving of extra wheelchairs etc. The system also contains an airport sales function allow the user to add Airport sales such as Tickets, Seat locations extra baggage etc. The system allows the user to either charge directly or on account as well as a full sales report function.

The arrivals section allows the user to view per flight the arriving flight corrected details based on adjusted post check in system.

The system provides the ability to upload the latest version of electronic ground operation manuals.

The Staff section enables the marketing manager the ability to view personnel records for all staff within the marketing department. Such items as vacation / sick time etc.

Reports allow users to access post flight operation details.

Post Operation
The Post Operation screen offers the user the ability to view all flight actual movement messages including delay codes and comments made by control ops/ dispatch department, ground crew and flight crews.

Station OTP Summary
The Station on-time performance report allows the user to view all stations and if the flights departed on time or with so many minutes. The purpose is to allow the user to understand by Station where issues are occurring in order to rectify them.

Station OTP Detail
The Station on-time performance detail allows the user to pre-filter for specific issues to review them.