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SysAIO - Products - AvAIO

Flight Operations

Schedule provides access to view and print the commercial operating schedule in various views, day to day, week to week or date range consolidated versions customized towards flight operations view point.

Dispatch / Ops Control
Includes a day of operations window tracking each aircraft with flight plans, weather reports along with controlling each aircraft for display for operations and to the public, The system records all data enabling the tracking of delays as they occur. The on duty dispatcher has a scenario day of ops tool that allows them to pre plan various scenarios before placing them into a live environment in the event that things don’t go to plan.

Day of Ops
The day of ops section allows the user to view the flight schedule in a seven day view. The display includes three layers of each aircraft in action. A schedule line, planned line and an actual line, all allow the user to fully understand where each flight was originally scheduled then flight planned and then actually occurring.

Flight Control
When clicking on anyone flight within the day of ops section the system allows the user to both view and enter real time flight data for logging purposes. These include aircraft movements, passenger and load information, Fuel, Crewing details, flight and weather plans.

DOO Scenario
The day of ops scenario section allows the user to change capture the current live day of ops screen and give the ability to change flights from one aircraft to another and change timings due to irregular operations caused by various delays.

Delay Codes
The delay codes section allows the user to view all the standard IATA delay codes as well as add or modify company based codes

Aircraft Log Reports
The Aircraft Log Reports allows the user to track each flight actual recorded data. As well the user has the ability to upload a scanned copy of the original journey log sheet from the flight deck, this allows users to view the log sheet at any time. In the case where the information is different from the system to the Journey log sheet the user has the ability to correct and record the data for tracking purposes.

Flight Full Pax List
The Flight Full pax List is a complete listing of all pax prior to check in process in a user friendly format.

Flight PRM Specials List
The flight PRM specials list provides a list with passengers with reduced mobility and special requirements only allow this to be sent to the necessary stakeholders.

Flight Summary Pax List
The flight summary pax list provides a summary list of pax numbers as males, females children and infant numbers.

Flight Travel Extras Pax List
The flight travel extras pax list allows the user to view only pax that have booked travel extras via the system.

Manifest Sent Log
The manifest sent log allows the user to view the various flights and see when a manifest was sent as well as being able to manually send a manifest from.

PNL’s Send Log
The PNL’s sent log allows the user to view the various flights and see when a PNL was sent as well as being able to manually send a PNL from.

PSM’s Send Log
The PSM sent log allows the user to view the various flights and see when a PSM (passenger service message was sent as well as being able to manually send a PSM from.

Flight Summary Notice List
The purpose of the flight summary pax list is to add and remove names that you wish to send the summary pax list to by e-mail a certain number of hours prior to departure time.

Catering Orders
The catering order displays the quantity and types of meals specific to a flight.

Daily Catering Report
The daily catering report displays the number of flights operating for a specific day with the quantity and types of meals to be loaded. The system highlights the loading point for the meals.