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SysAIO - Products

SysAIO develops, hosts and services a line of "All In One" systems, designed to become the administrative backbone of companies whose business model revolves around logistics. Aviation, travel, shipping, rail services and road services will all be well served by SysAIO's full range of business intelligence products.

(Aviation All In One)

Find out more about AvAIO, SysAIO's total management software designed for the airline / aviation industry.


(Travel All In One)

Find out more about TravAIO, SysAIO's total management software designed for travel / tour operators.


(Corporate All In One)

Find out more about CorAIO, SysAIO's total management software designed for the day to day operations of all businesses.


SysAIO Product Features
SysAIO's comprehensive suite of web based tools that allows a widely dispersed work force to perform their tasks through a central portal. The system gathers information data from many sources into a single point of access for managers and decision makers. SysAIO products allows for virtually all of a company's operations to be managed over the internet. Designed specifically for the aviation industry, every installation of AvAIO has a wealth of industry specific knowledge built right in. Each system is branded to suit the user's environment and is accessible over the internet via a secure login, making SysAIO products to be the perfect conduit for a diverse work force.

SysAIO Product Functions
SysAIO's products meet operational requirements such as crew scheduling, flight watch, allowing crew members to check their schedules online, ground handling to maintenance planning and inventory control all promoting flight safety and boosting crew and staff morale. SysAIO uses industry standard formats for passenger and crew data, and conforms to government regulated formats and protocols for North America and Europe. SysAIO's products operate over the internet allowing easy access from anywhere there is an internet connection. The systems utilizes the Internet as a communication backbone encrypted with 128 SSL technology running on J2EE using Cold fusion and Microsoft SQL. The servers and data are centrally hosted avoiding expensive in-house expertise. The system consists of two registered domains that offer a site (www.yourwebsite.com) for the public to access a sales reservation system along with travelling information and various other sales and marketing items. The second site (admin.yourwebsite.com) is an administration system. All the products are supported by SysAIO who have partnered with industry leaders such as IBM and Primus to deliver world wide connectivity, accessibility and security.

SysAIO Product Benefits
The all in one approach provides management a way of viewing real time data of all aspects of their business, allowing for informed decision making, enabling you to become more efficient and cost effective creating a competitive advantage.

SysAIO Product Value
The all in one approach provides a cost effective way of managing your IT budget under less solutions than traditionally used. This allows the management to concentrate on running the business and leaving the business applications and hardware support to experienced professionals 24 x 7. This is the future of running your business in the new global world we all live in.