SOCC & Dispatch

Plan View Control All Your Operations

The AvAIO provides a suite of tools to operate your SOCC and Dispatch environment seamlessly. This enables the least amount of integration providing an efficient operations control center that works in real time.

Flight Scheduling

  • Creation of a master schedule
  • Ability to add / edit individual flight legs
  • Ability to add / edit flights by season
  • Ability to create flights directly in Day of operations board
  • Multiple pre-set switches to control many features within system
  • Multiple schedule views
  • Automatic SSIM file creation
  • Automatic ASM SSM updates
  • Schedule approval process
  • Notification process to
    • Employees
    • Suppliers
    • Trade Clients
    • Customers
  • Change Alert Audit trail of changes

SOCC Staff Scheduling

  • Creation of teams
  • Creation shift blocks
  • Allocate and schedule SOCC staff to shifts
  • Create customizable rules
  • Ability to view on monthly rosters
  • Ties directly with operations shift and checklists
  • Track Sick LOA and vacation time.
  • Integrated to human resources
  • Integrated to training system for scheduling

Shift / Flight Checklists

  • Shift log tracking debrief from one shift to another
  • Tracking flights and activities required to be conducted
  • creation of tasks related to shift
  • Tracking of notes and memos for shift
  • Setup warnings and alerts for late events
  • Notification to supervisors and management on missed events

Flight Watch / Following

  • Day of Operations
  • Aircraft based flight following board
  • Ability to track flights
  • Auto or manual enter OOOI times
  • View crew status
  • Create flight package per flight
    • Gendecs
    • Flight plans
    • Weather
    • Notams
    • Manifests
    • Flight briefs
  • View flight and edit flight briefs
  • Enter and track IROP flights
  • View passenger and cargo data
  • Access progress and notify departure control systems
  • Access and notify ramp handling functions
Flight Watch Maps
  • Flight watch map system utilizing Google maps
  • Live weather display
  • Aircraft positional information.

Weather / Notams

Weather (Coming Soon)
  • View weather forecasts observations based on flight
  • View graphical weather based on flight
  • Feeds from Regional weather authorities
    • FAA / Nav Canada / EASA
  • View per flight affected NOTAM information

Runway Analysis

Coming Soon
  • Data feed directly from regional air stations control
  • Planning for takeoff obstacle clearance
  • Confirm declared distances
  • Wet runway takeoff performance
  • Landing distance assessment
  • Direct feed to Weight and balance system

Flight Planning

Coming Soon
To generate either standard or custom flight plans based on flights and conditions for where your flight schedule produces

Load Planning Weight Balance

Coming Soon
  • Direct data feed from reservations and cargo
  • Ability to pre-plan loads per flight
  • Drag and drop or auto assign loads
  • Feeds directly from flight plan
  • Develop final weight and balance sheet
  • Direct transfer to cockpit
  • Ability to send IATA based final load messaging

IROP Control

  • Directly change flights and track IROP reasons
  • Change passengers as required from flight to flight
  • Change crews
  • Scenario tools to drag and drop and re assign flights
  • Full IROP tracking report with extensive filtering

Reports / Flight Audits

  • On board aircraft Journey log
  • Flight Audit report tracking updates and deviations
    • Directly affecting operations in real time
  • Captains reports with SMS reporting feeding SMS system directly
  • Flight Attendants reports with SMS reporting feeding SMS system directly
  • Take off and landing currency report
  • Detailed Crew Logs
  • Summary Crew Logs
  • Crew Flight hour, duty period currency check report
  • Fuel usage report
  • Crew by flight
  • Pairing Hours Report
  • Cosmic radiation tracking report
  • Flight duty overage report
  • Station on time performance report