Crew Management

All The Tools To Manage Your Crew

The AvAIO crew management system provides a full suite of tools that enables an airline to effectively manage their crewing operations. The crew management solution is designed to integrate within the whole operation of the airline providing a true web-based system that will conform to your business requirements and drastically cutting your IT infrastructure and manpower requirements. The solution is designed to help airlines for both basic and very complex company and unionized collective bargaining rules.

Setup Rules / Planning Requirements

System Setup Rules
  • Customizable rule building
  • Customizable crew settings
  • Any regional regulatory requirement available
    • FAA 117 / 121 / 91
    • TC 705 / 704 / 703 (New 2020 Prescriptive rules)
    • EASA
  • Unionized collective bargain rules allowable
Planning Requirements
  • Future schedule scenario tool
  • Pairing scenario tool
  • Crew Requirements processing

Pairing Management

  • Pairing creation tool
    • Manual
    • Automatic rule based
  • Pre-assign positions by airport of ops
  • Pre-build positioning and hotac
  • Ability to repeat patterns for entire loaded schedule
  • Ability to define FA language requirements
  • Assign multiple positions to flights

Training Management

See Human Resources Section for details

Travel Management

  • Load specific positioning and hotac suppliers per airport
  • Add to positioning and hotac to pairings
  • Ability to create positioning and hotac for any position
  • Track full travel information to share with employees
  • Add and track costs
  • Auto or manual report to suppliers requirements
  • Add cancellation fees
  • Track credits per person or supplier and redeem

Preferential Bidding Trip Trading

Preferential Bidding
  • Ability to include specific pairings and reserve blocks in bid
  • Allow crews to request days off
  • Run per airport of ops
  • Run by percentage
  • Run seniority or fair assignment rules
  • Auto run process
  • Display of reasons for not granting specific blocks
Trip Trading
  • Portal for crews to display blocks they wish to swap
  • Automatic process if rules are met

Crew Rostering Preferences Mobile Access

Crew Rostering
  • Automatic based on use of bidding
  • Manual processes allows schedules to add time blocks
  • Monthly rostering boards with extensive filters to view crews
  • Rostering tracks all time periods for crew
Mobile Access
  • Browser based system allowing online and offline access
  • No need for separate Apps
  • Available via any browser based devices
  • Mobile access and convenience to interact with system
  • Crews can add and maintain preferences to share with operations
  • Customizable preferences

Admin Task Management

  • Crew Day of Operations
    • Access to flights displaying issues to operations
  • Active Pairings List
  • Active Crew Report
    • Drag and drop pairings and flights
    • View real time alerts effecting crews when making ops changes
  • Pairings Report
    • System check displaying issues affecting crews
  • Memo and Event Viewer
    • Access any event or memo entered per crew member
  • Crew Notification system
    • Logged mail or SMS processes

Time Off Tracking Vacation Bidding

Sick Days
  • Self reporting sick time by crews
  • Tracking of sick time
  • Tracking of doctors notes
  • Approval of paid sick time
  • Fully tracked on roster
Leave of Absence
  • Tracking multiple reasons, maternity, disability etc.
  • Fully tracked on roster
  • ​
  • Ability to request vacations days
  • Request and track vacation versus statutory days
  • Approval process per hierarchy position
Vacation Bidding Process
  • Ability to set vacation days allowed per position per day
  • Set employees per bid block
  • Set based on seniority
  • Self selection of vacation and stat days
  • Auto added to roster

Alert and Excedances Reports

Alerts and Exceedances
  • Continuous rule checking
  • Automatic Legality and currency checks
  • Training record expiration checks
  • Document record expiration checks
  • Acknowledgement reporting processes
  • Fatigue management checks
  • Crew Report Gantt
  • Individual crew logs
  • Crew Log Summary
  • Crew flight and duty check
  • Takeoff and landings
  • Crew by flight
  • Paring hours report
  • Custom Reports
  • Direct access to data

Crew Payroll

  • Customized rule building
  • Calculations for hours and per diems
  • Approval processes
  • Exporting of data to payment systems