Training Management

Fully Integrated Training Suite

All features within CorAIO’s training system comply with regulatory requirements for the aviation industry. You can create or build training modules with complex rules, custom built exams, schedule training sessions and track specific training requirements. These can be assigned to certain positions, and automatically added to employee schedules and rosters, with a function that notifies employees of expirations. It also allows you to schedule classrooms, simulators and equipment. This collection of electronic data and exam management tools allows for a full self-assessment – ensuring regulatory compliance in any jurisdiction.

The CorAIO education management system allows you to build specific qualifications per position, giving administrators easy access in managing employees’ job requirements.This all-encompassing training system is built to accommodate the complex nature of the training requirements for every employee in the airline industry.

Training Modules

  • Create user defined training modules
  • Add build complex rules
  • Setting expiration's with notifications management
  • Add exams to modules
  • Define equipment required to take training
  • Define Location required

Exams Management

  • Ability to create custom exams
  • Add presentations documents or videos to exams
  • Tie specific questions to sections with instructions
  • Determine pass or fail rate.
  • Add time frame for completion
  • All online
  • Ability for trainees to take via mobile devices
  • Allow self assessment at end of exam for incorrect answers
  • Regulatory compliant with electronic signatures
  • Ability to take online or in classroom

Curriculum / Lesson Plans

  • Create standard or customized curriculum/lesson plans
  • Add required training modules as required
  • Auto add an links or documents required


  • Create specific date time scheduled sessions
  • Ability to create session for
    • Classroom
    • Aircraft
    • Simulator
    • Online
  • Select location
Session Assignment
  • Ability to assign trainees and instructors to session
  • Filter expired or upcoming trainees.
  • Ability to include instructors time as trainee
  • To combine instructors instruction as valid credit for course
Session Management
  • Allows instructors to access sessions to pass or fail trainees
  • View exams and electronically sign off

Records Management

  • View all training records with full history
  • Extensive filtering tool allowing;
    • Upcoming trainees expiration's for specific modules
    • Pending trainee requirements for modules
    • Filter by position

Sim Scheduling

  • Creation of sim availability from suppliers
  • Directly connects to sessions
  • Achieve better scheduling of employees
  • Load multiple sim types for use