Human Resources

Managing your employees better

CorAIO offers a system that provides your human resource team the ability to manage all relevant employee information into one central database. The following features highlight the main elements integrated within the system.

Organization Structure

  • Ability to create three level hierarchy
  • Provide access and rules per position
  • Add position descriptions and requirements
  • Add on boarding and off boarding requirements
  • Add training requirements

Recruitment / Careers

Job Posting
  • Post pre-set positions for organization structure
  • Post when to open and close posting
  • Post full time or contract positions
  • Display on public site or link to own website
  • Allow applicants to enter basic information and upload own resume or they can complete full online resume
Processing Applicants
  • View applicants via admin site
  • Process applicants to via site with direct mail.
  • Print resumes or information regarding applicants
Interview Applicants / Scheduling
  • Create interview times and locations
  • Add Applicants to interviews and send invites
  • Applicants can respond electronically to accept
  • Reject or accept applicants
  • Ability to add applicant directly to HR system for application

On-Boarding / Off-Boarding

  • Provides items and tasks required
  • Assign items and tasks to responsible positions
  • Alert and notify for pending items and tasks
  • Turnkey on boarding and off boarding process
  • Process for change of status or position

Employe Data Profiles

  • Compliant secure centralized database
  • Permission controlled to access information
  • Full history and audit trail for changes
  • Complete data profile contain all required information
  • Printable profile sheets
  • Fully integrated within system

Time and Attendance

Vacation Bidding
  • Ability to create bid sessions
  • Allocate number per position allowable per day
  • Auto notification for bidding by mail
  • Online requesting of vacation days
  • Based on seniority
  • Ability to customize if required
  • Request either vacation or statutory days
  • Approval process by team leads
  • Full calculations and accruals process
Sick Time Tracking
  • Ability to report sick by employees
  • Add sick days directly via schedules
  • Track doctors notes and approvals of paid sick days
  • Reports of status of sick days
Leave of absence
  • Ability to add leave of absence (LOA) directly to schedules
  • Choice of LOA
  • Customized triggers can be set when going or coming off LOA
    • Benefits continuation
    • Payroll
    • Fitness gym use
    • Staff Travel benefits
  • Direct connection to scheduling process

Employee Scheduling

Positional scheduling
  • Call Center Staff
  • Dispatchers
  • Crews etc.
  • Online scheduling
  • Access via mobile devices
  • Ability to view schedules offline
  • Full time keeping for every event


  • Ability to calculate complex pay rules
  • Customizable based on requirements
  • Calculation of per diem's per regions
  • Any position payroll
  • Approval processes
  • Direct data flow to payment processing systems


  • Integrate directly with your benefits company
  • Fully customizable setup

Performance Reviews

Coming Soon


  • Multiple Defaulted reports available
  • Filtered by Organization to position
  • Customizable reports available