Document Library

Online Document
Management and Storage

Document management is fundamental to industry, so providing storage process area for making sure that controlled documents can be accurate, complete and up-to-date is essential.

Document Library

CorAIO document manager provides a portal to store your documents online within a secure access driven environment. No operating a separate system that does not tie to the rest of your business.

We provide a portal to create and define a folder and file structure that is security driven and allows you to upload either documents or e-manuals. Authors can edit, publish files to distribute to employees and suppliers across your organization.

  • Audit trail for record creation
  • Update and deletion
  • Tracking of who and when files were read and acknowledged.
  • Internet based files can be viewed both online and offline
  • Via desktop or mobile
  • Central document storage.
  • Uploading of new or updates sent with notifications via bulletins
  • Set to alerts to users