Airline Reservations

Full Customer Experience

AvAIO provides a flexible reservations system that can work for you, regardless of the size of your operation. From small to large, we have a solution. We cover every aspect involving your customer – from booking online to airport check-in, or to responding to customer issues online.

Flight / Revenue Management

  • Flight Schedule Management
  • Inventory Control and Allocations.
  • Allocation segregation to direct and trade clients
  • Full fare nesting and allocation control
  • Customizable Fare Rules
  • Revenue Management
  • Seat Management

Sales Direct, Trade Distribution

  • Reservations and Websites
    • Customizable integrated public facing website
    • Integrated Call center website
    • E-Ticketing / Paperless
    • Direct Credit Card payment gateways and settlement
    • Multiple payment methods.
  • GDS Connections
    • Connection to top GDS's (Global Distribution systems)
    • Providing direct sell capability
    • Code Sharing
    • Interlining
    • Utilizing IATA standard messaging.
  • Customizable APIs (XML etc.)
    • Both feed and receive inventory pricing, data and features.
    • Any Airline, Tour Operator or third party.
    • B2B or B2C connecting and feeding to Reservation system and customized application.
  • Trade Access to system
    • Tour Operators, Travel Agents, OTA's/ Corporate Clients
    • Online direct login access to private booking engine
    • Private Fares
    • Customized Discounts and commissions
    • Credit Account ability for pre-paying.
    • Account access to view status
    • Private access to Manifests and Reports
  • Workforce Reservations
    • Private Charter flights to book workers.
    • Maintain workforce database
    • Account access to view status
    • Private access to Manifests and Reports

Travel Ancillaries

  • Seat Location (management)
  • Baggage, Extra and Over-sized
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Pets
  • Car Rentals
  • Hotels
  • Fully integrated Prepackaging of Flight, Hotels, Car Misc. products.
  • Dynamic Packaging capability
  • Adding any other product

Sales Administration

  • Sales reports / dashboards
  • Flight change management tools.
  • Re-Accommodation tools
  • Flight cancelation management and notification tool
  • Passenger notification tools E-mail / SMS

Passenger Pre-flight Departure Process

  • Passenger online check-in
  • Mobile Boarding Passes
  • Airport Kiosk Check-in access
  • Web based Agent Departure Control System
  • Certified CUTE/CUSS DCS.
  • Baggage Management
  • Aircraft Loading Passengers and Baggage
  • Integration with external DCS

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

  • Customer Profiles
  • Internal Watch Lists
  • Direct access to Security Clearances for Regulatory Authorities
  • No-Fly, APIS, Secure flight programs
  • Pre-Check TSA
  • Loyalty Programs / Frequent Flyers
  • Customer credit bank
  • Online customer self-service My Account functions
  • Online customer issue reporting and management system

Revenue Accounting

  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Reporting

Knowing financially where you are anytime is key to business success.